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On Thailand expat websites you're presented with a range of views and ads. You need information about the people and businesses who author and publish them before trusting them. The Sheriff and his Posse patrol the Internet for these sources.

It used to be that any old varmint could lie outright, break the law or line his pockets and never be called to account.

Those days have ended. There's a new Sheriff in town.

08 November 2006

Stickman Strung Up

Pardners, it looks like High Noon has finally come for Stickman, the longtime publisher of Stickman's Guide to Bangkok, self-professed New Zealander, English teacher and computer expert, bargirl investigator and internet impressario.

Seems a feller callin' himself John Galt has ambled into town with a website called NotStickman's Guide to Bangkok and stirred up a hornet's nest. Galt's slowly but surely been revealin' bits and pieces that Stickman musta reckoned he had pretty well hid. Take a gander 'round Galt's website and you'll get the gist of it.

Got us a might curious what we done read here in Galt's article Farangs Above The Law:

"Seems that the Stick also has a Katoey fan on the web (no pun intended). The Katoey is wondering why Stickman is calling him self Michael when his real name is XXXX XXXX. That right - the Katoey posts Stickman's real name on the internet...... Hum, what's next? Maybe we'll see a picture of him also? You an even pull it up on a Google search if you use the right key words in parenthesis."

Well we got ourselves connected to the Searchin' Engine and what do ya know, Galt even got the number of X's right. That lady-feller is sayin' Stickman's real name is Paul Owen.

Our curiosity bump was still itchin' something fierce, so we asked the Searchin' Engine about it and there it was, just as plain as day. There's a feller called Paul Owen who teaches school in Thailand and his picture is right here on the EPTS website and so are them there purty banana ladies from Galt's website.

Now the Sheriff can't rightly say he's ever made the acquaintance of this Paul Owen feller but we seem to recollect a body looks an awful lot like him spending goodly amounts of time in the waterin' holes in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

That does fit in with what we hear about Stickman, how he goes into all them sort of spots to get information to put in his website and all plus the spyin' he does on all the little ladies.

The Sherrif don't rightly figure old Mr. Owen is gonna have much success or a very neighborly welcome in those places once those little Thai gals get wind of this. He's more like to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail!

Now for some gol-durn reason the EPTS website ain't workin' so well today and we reckon that Mr. Owen might even have a thing or two to do with that, him bein' a computer expert and all. But the cached page in the Searchin' Engine is still there.

Stickman's own website is ailin' and we figure he's as nervous as long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs. Might be he's got somethin' new a-stirrin'. Then again he might be tryin' to hide it all from the kind folks at the EPTS school or the duly sworn authorities. We reckon he's plum forgot there's a goodly record of his website over yonder on the Wayback Machine at Internet Archive.

The Sheriff and his Posse have been wonderin' for the longest time about a passel of things such as does Stickman have a work permit to run that there website of his and a license to do all that private investigatin' and does he pay his proper taxes on the money he's been a-makin' off it?

Then again it might be a big case of mistakin' identity and that Paul Owen feller ain't got the slightest thing to do with Stickman. We reckon it'll all sort itself out here presently.

If you've seen something published on the internet that will clinch it one way or another, do be so kind as to leave us a comment with a link to it, or send one of them new-fangled email telegrams to the Sheriff.


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